As a Freelancer you learn quickly how important business relations are.  All of my connections – be it a strategic alliance, a collaborative exchange or a legal partnership – allow me to offer to my clients complementary services to my core business.

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Ventures Bridge is a global development consulting firm with main offices in Turin Italy and Houston Texas, USA. We help Italian SME’s expand their business to the USA. The Italian team accompanies business owners through strategic internationalization processes.

My role is supporting the company’s core team in outlining strategy and vision for each client’s business and of course providing coaching and training services to the Entrepreneurs and their teams throughout all the phases of global expansion and internationalization.

The approach at Ventures Bridge is to get really involved with every venture. Through matching with other SMEs, we build the strategic alliances that help create a New Company, where needed. We find the investors and funding needed, provide the legal, administrative and fiscal support required to open offices abroad, including the marketing strategy, operative plan and help develop the sales network needed to take off.

If you want to expand bring business to the USA, Ventures Bridge is your business gateway to North America


The Coaching Theatre is unconventional training – a full immersion of a “mind-body-emotion” experiences that combines coaching and theatre to generate awareness, interaction and activate change.
You can express yourself, experience yourself and discover your creative and unique potential… and that of your team.
The Coaching Theatre will rock you out of your comfort zone.
It will change you and you won’t regret it.
From team building and change management, to energy and motivation, Coaching and Team Coaching, communication, leadership and conflict management, these and other areas of intervention are carefully woven into the strategic design of this made-to-measure and unique training activity.