My first approach to coaching was when I was working as a Training Manager and I wanted to introduce a real game changer for personal growth to the company. The budget was reduced and it never happened. But, in the mean while, I fell in love with this marvellous discipline.
“Coaching is about learning rather than teaching”John WhitmoreLearning is much easier than being taught!  When I first heard this sentence I was intrigued.  I got so curious that I read books, took courses and enrolled in a masters program in coaching. Then I obtained my ICF credential, took another coaching diploma My curiosity became a passion which I turned into a full time job and I even co-founded a coaching school.

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Training & Development Programs

When I was working in a multinational organizing training activities, I wanted to be sure that the training needs were met. I wanted to reach excellence! And I never stopped trying.
“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death”Albert EinsteinI wonder if my mother knew this quote. She would always tell me: “If you stop learning, you already have one foot in the grave”. Funny enough, in life, I became a Trainer. I studied training design, presentation skills and took train-the-trainer courses, and my search for quality and excellence remains an ongoing process.

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Research says that anywhere between 60-80% of your success depends on your soft skills, yet very few of these skills are taught in schools and most adult training is focussed technical topics.Often people get hired mostly for their hard skills, but then fail in the job due to lack of soft skills.  Soft skills are all about effective behaviours, mindset and attitude.  From Public speaking to Leadership to Effective Communication, believe it or not, these can be trained and the results are remarkably tangible.

A personal growth development empowers you.  Designed with a made to measure approach, the programs offer a well balanced mix of disciplines (Coaching, Training and Mentoring) but can be adjusted to individual needs or delivered to small groups.
The topics range from communicating effectively in English to giving your career a boost, facing the challenges of a new job or role including a major cultural change.

Team Building

Working with teams is always extremely stimulating. The complexity, the diversity, the magic always intrigues me. You never know where the power of a team will take you and the discovery is so exciting.
“There is no such thing as a self-made man.
You will reach your goals only with the help of others”George ShinnIf you have a team, making sure the team works well together is essential. Every leader has the obligation to ensure that the team works. It’s a “must have” priority for success. Sometimes it may seem like business goes on even with a broken team, but the impact on the people (and on the business) is dangerously eroding the future. That’s why half of my training activities are dedicated to Teams.

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Team building


There’s no denying that designing and coordinating HR projects that bring massive change are challenging. Projects such as Reverse Mentoring, building an internal academy or launching a development program across multiple sites and countries are indeed complex and challenging endeavours but they reap huge rewards.
“Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”Sir Richard BransonGetting really involved with the company, it’s staff and especially the company culture is a very powerful way to make an impact and it requires experience and expertise.

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HR Projects

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